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Psychiatric Contributions to Sex Offender Management  

Author:  Renee Sorrentino, M.D..

Source: Volume 21, Number 05, August/September 2020 , pp.65-69(5)

Sex Offender Law Report

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The field of psychiatry has an important role to play in addressing sex offending. Studies show that the sex offender population is affected by psychosis, impulse control disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders, among other conditions. Trained psychiatrists are uniquely equipped to treat these conditions and, in doing so, can reduce recidivism and significantly decrease sexual violence. This article reviews the role of the psychiatrist in sex offender management, outlining evidence-based biologic treatments, reviewing the relationship between psychiatric illnesses and sexual offending, and addressing the fundamental obligation of psychiatrist physicians to provide treatment to the sick and suffering.

Keywords: Psychiatric Evaluation and Treatment of Paraphilic Disorders and Comorbidities; Relationship Between Sexual Offending and Psychiatric Disorders

Affiliations:  1: Institute for Sexual Wellness.

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