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From the Literature: Exposure to Trauma; Parenting Intervention; Jury Deliberation  

Author:  Stacy Calhoun.

Source: Volume 21, Number 01, December/January 2020 , pp.5-7(3)

Sex Offender Law Report

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Our regular survey of the research literature summarizes and reviews “Moderation of Prior Exposure to Trauma on the Inverse Relationship Between Callous-Unemotional Traits and Amygdala Responses to Fearful Expressions: An Exploratory Study” by Harma Meffert, Laura Thornton, Patrick Tyler, Mary Botkin, Anna Erway, Venkata Kolli, Kayla Pope, Stuart White, and R. James Blair, published in 48(15) Psychol. Med. 2541-549; “Can a Parenting Intervention to Prevent Early Conduct Problems Interrupt Girls’ Risk for Intimate Partner Violence 10 Years Later?” by Miriam Ehrensaft, Heather Knous Westfall, Phyllis Holditch Niolon, Thailyn Lopez, Dimitra Kamboukos, Keng-Yen Huang, and Laurie Miller Brotman, published in 19(4) Prevention Sci. 449-58; “Jurors’ Cognitive Depletion and Performance During Jury Deliberation as a Function of Jury Diversity and Defendant Race” by Liana Peter-Hagene, published in 43(3) L. & Human Behav. 232-49; and “Treatment Integrity and Recidivism Among Sex Offenders: The Relationship Between CPC Scores and Program Effectiveness” by Matthew Makarios, Lori Lovins, Andrew Myer, and Edward Latessa, published in 4(2) Correction: Policy, Practice & Res. 112-25.

Keywords: Amygdala Responses; Intimate Partner Violence; Jury Diversity; CPC Scores

Affiliations:  1: UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs.

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