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Author:  Stacy Calhoun.

Source: Volume 19, Number 02, February/March 2018 , pp.21-23(3)

Sex Offender Law Report

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In our regular review of the research literature we examine “Forensic Science and the Right to Access to Justice: Testing the Efficacy of Self-Examination Intimate DNA Swabs to Enhance Victim-Centered Responses to Sexual Violence in Low-Resource Environments” by Lisa Smith, Jon Wetton, Gurdeep Lall, Heather Flowe, & Mark Jobling, published in 57(5) Sci. Justice 331-35 (2017); “Pathways in the Offending Process of Sex Offenders Who Target Marginalised Victims” by Loren Horan & Eric Beauregard, published in 14(3) J. Investigative Psychol. & Offender Profiling 213-26 (2017); and “A Neuropsychological Study of Older Adult First-Time Sex Offenders” by Marcelo Rodriguez, Philip Boyce, & John Hodges, published in 23(2) Neurocase 154-61 (2017).

Keywords: DNA Evidence; Sex Offender Typologies; Geriatric Sex Offenses

Affiliations:  1: UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs.

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