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Flaws in Eyewitness Identification, Part II  

Author:  Roslyn K. Myers, Ph.D., J.D..

Source: Volume 19, Number 02, February/March 2018 , pp.17-21(5)

Sex Offender Law Report

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This article continues the examination of the reliance on eyewitness testimony, highlighting its flaws and the harsh consequences for defendants who are wrongly—but earnestly—selected from lineups and photo arrays as the offender. It briefly summarizes the important work in this area of researchers including Elizabeth Loftus, Daniel Schachter, and Richard Ofshe, and provides examples of cases in which flawed eyewitness testimony has led to wrongful convinctions and even guilty pleas. Finally, the article recommends several important reports, research studies, and cases where readers can learn more about what is currently known about the nature and incidence of flawed eyewitness testimony.

Keywords: Plea Bargaining; Eyewitness Testimony, Case Closed; Bloodsworth v. State

Affiliations:  1: John Jay College and Fordham Law School.

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