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Author:  Stacy Calhoun.

Source: Volume 18, Number 04, June/July 2017 , pp.39-42(4)

Sex Offender Law Report

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In our regular review of the research literature we examine “When Self-Report Trumps Science: Effects of Confessions, DNA, and Prosecutorial Theories on Perceptions of Guilt” by Sara Appleby and Saul Kassin, published in 22(2) Psychol. Public Policy Law 127-40 (2016); “Assault-Related Shame Mediates the Association Between Negative Social Reactions to Disclosure of Sexual Assault and Psychological Distress” by Christopher DeCou, Trevor Cole, Shannon Lynch, Maria Wong, and Kathleen Matthews, published in 9(2) Psychol. Trauma 166-72 (2017); and “Sex Crimes and Sex Offenders: Research and Realities” by Donna Vandiver, Jeremy Braithwaite, and Mark Stafford (2016) Routledge.

Keywords: False confessions; assault-related shame and psychological distress; sex crimes

Affiliations:  1: UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs.

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