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Friends and Rapists  Campus Sexual Assault

Author:  Roslyn K.  Myers, J.D., M.A..

Source: Volume 17, Number 05, August/September 2016 , pp.67-72(6)

Sex Offender Law Report

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The facts of several recent cases involving students suggest that revisions to student codes and legislative policy initiatives are behind the curve. This article serves to highlight the red flags and discuss some of the elements of sex offending among young adults in college settings within the context of the 2013 Vanderbilt University rape case. A sidebar on how children make sense of male violence against women follows the article.

Keywords: Vanderbilt University; latitude given to college athletes; Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Sandusky; accuser viewed with suspicion; consent to sex; social media; Genovese syndrome

Affiliations:  1: Managing Editor.

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