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California Passes Model Law on Campus Sexual Assault Prevention  

Author:  Roslyn K.  Myers, J.D., M.A.

Source: Volume 17, Number 01, December/January 2016 , pp.5-7(3)

Sex Offender Law Report

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California positions itself as an emerging leader in developing policies for campus sexual assault laws by passing the most comprehensive law to date, one designed to change the culture of sexual activity on its campuses. Affirmative consent—”only yes means yes”—is the keystone in the state’s model laws. The standard clearly states not just what it is, but what is not “affirmative consent” and begins to tackle the question of how to handle sex offender supervision for students enrolled in college classes.

Keywords: CA-SORA; registration with campus police; community college districts; Greek housing system; victim-centered policies that campuses must develop and implement to receive state funding; disciplinary proceedings

Affiliations:  1: managing editor of SLR.

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