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Minnesota Sex Offender Program Confronts Patient Allegations in Lawsuit  

Author:  Roslyn  Myers, J.D., M.A..; Alyssa  Grzesh, J.D..

Source: Volume 17, Number 01, December/January 2016 , pp.3-7(5)

Sex Offender Law Report

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The intent of the State when it restricts a sex offender’s liberty is central to the validity of civil commitment. The key question explored here is whether it is attempting to punish the offender. Sex offenders who had been civilly committed to MSOP file a pro se lawsuit seeking injunctive relief and damages against the Minnesota Department of Human Services and MSOP, alleging that they were subject to unwarranted searches to confiscate legal materials, unfavorable treatment reports, and threats of transfers and terminations of supervised release.

Keywords: Karsjens v. Jesson; Kansas v. Hendricks; constitutional violations; decreased the number of treatment hours; Sex Offender Civil Commitment Advisory Task Force; discharge

Affiliations:  1: managing editor of SLR; 2: FOLCS.org.

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