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Author:  Erin  Bundra, J.D..

Source: Volume 16, Number 02, February/March 2015 , pp.21-24(4)

Sex Offender Law Report

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Our regular review of the research literature this issue addresses “A Descriptive Analysis of Public School Educators Arrested for Sex Offenses” by Lindon Ratliff and Joshua Watson examines the prevalence of sexual misconduct involving public school educators in the United States. In ““No Means No,” But Where’s the Force? Addressing the Challenges of Formally Recognising Non-violent Sexual Coercion as a Serious Criminal Offence” by Susan Leahy the author presents arguments for defining specific non-violent threats used to coerce sex as criminal offenses carrying gravity similar to rape with violence or physical force.

Keywords:  female sexual predators; higher rate of male offenders; identify characteristics of educators; lack of reporting; non-violent threats; coercion; blackmail; wrongful use of power; R. v. Jheeta; R. v. Kirk

Affiliations:  1: Contributing Editor, NYU Law School.

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