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Understanding Child Sexual Abuse Within Youth-Serving Organizations  

Author:  Karen  Terry .

Source: Volume 16, Number 02, February/March 2015 , pp.19-22(4)

Sex Offender Law Report

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This article explores the risks for grooming and sexual abuse by adults who are able to interact with their target through the child’s involvement with an organization designed to serve youths. This article rallies such organizations to establish prevention strategies, since they are at the point of intervention and prevention that would yield the greatest benefit to their young constituents. These organizations are mandated to ensure a safe environment for the children who join their programs.

Keywords: schools, religious organizations, sports, and social organizations; teachers, clergy, scout leaders, tutors, and social workers; unwanted sexual contact; Doe v. Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America; Lamarche v. Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America; Doe

Affiliations:  1: John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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