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From the Literature: Actuarial Risk Tools; Celebrity Culture and Sexual Assault  

Author:  Stacy Calhoun.

Source: Volume 23, Number 05, August/September 2022 , pp.79-80(2)

Sex Offender Law Report

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Our regular survey of the research literature summarizes and reviews two new works. Reviewed are “Patterns of Criminal Achievement in Sexual Offending: Unravelling the ‘Successful’ Sex Offender” by Patrick Lussier, Martin Bouchard, and Eric Beauregard, published in 39(5) Journal of Criminal Justice 433-44 (2011), in which the authors question whether criminal justice agencies are failing to identify the most prolific and dangerous sex criminals because they rely too heavily on actuarial tools.; and “Citadels of Pride: Sexual Assault, Accountability, and Reconciliation,” by Martha C. Nussbaum, published by W.W. Norton & Company (2021), a critique of the role of celebrity culture in combatting sexual assault that argues “mass shaming, cancelling, and other forms of publicly punitive responses should not take the place of procedural justice.”

Keywords: Actuarial Risk Tools; Celebrity Culture and Sexual Assault

Affiliations:  1: UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs.

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