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Addressing Stalking at Work: What Women and Advocates Can Do  

Author:  Erica L. Smock.; Tamara L. Kuennen.

Source: Volume 02, Number 02, Fall 2009 , pp.163-177(15)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Stalking and domestic violence share several similarities and frequently occur at different phases of the same relationship. Despite their similarities, however, stalking encompasses behaviors that domestic violence does not and affects victims in a wider variety of circumstances. Understanding the broader range of stalking behaviors is necessary for increasing women’s safety. In this article, the author defines stalking in general, and then specifically focuses on stalking in the workplace. Workplace stalking can take a variety of forms and can occur in person, via telephone or fax, or via computer (i.e., cyberstalking). The authors provide steps that can be taken to ensure women’s safety once workplace stalking is identified. In addition, if employers refuse to act, victims can seek legal remedies against those who refuse to institute measures to prevent their victimization.


Affiliations:  1: Center for Public Interest Law, Columbia University; 2: Legal Aid Services of Oregon.

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