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Dating Violence Victimization: Not a One-Time Occurrence  

Author:  Amy E.  Bonomi, Ph.D., MPH.

Source: Volume 05, Number 04, Spring 2013 , pp.351-354(4)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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The seriousness and pervasiveness of interpersonal violence not only among adults but among our youth as well is persuasively established in this next article by Dr. Amy Bonomi. She sums it up concisely, with truly disturbing implications: “Nearly two-thirds of subjects reported dating violence between the ages of 13 and 19 (64.7% of females and 61.7% of males). Among those subjects reporting dating violence, more than one-third reported they had two or more abusive partners for each of the abuse types assessed in the study.” Some hope of relief is provided by Dr. Bonomi in the latter part of her article, where she presents suggestions such as the implementation of high school and college level anti-violence prevention curricula.

Keywords: Adolescent dating violence

Affiliations:  1: The Ohio State University.

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