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“The Warning Signs Were There”: The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center Model, High Risk Teams, and Community Adaptation  

Author:  Victoria  Burt, L.L.M..; Emma  Freeman.; Elizabeth  Hague.

Source: Volume 05, Number 02, Fall 2012 , pp.137-144(8)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Given our less-than-successful attempts thus far to stem the growing carnage associated with domestic violence homicides, this report offers a refreshing breath of hope. As described here, the model developed in Newburyport, Massachusetts by the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center (JCCC) is rooted in solid research and uses the most effective and proven tactics for keeping domestic violence victims safe and alive. Using a high-risk multidisciplinary team model, the JCCC approach has virtually eliminated domestic violence homicides in the Massachusetts community where it originated. Even better, this cutting-edge program has been made available for replication in communities across the country.

Keywords: Newburyport High Risk Response Team; GPS Monitoring; risk markers; homicide prevention

Affiliations:  1: Greenburg Traurig; 2: J.D. Candidate (Harvard Law); 3: J.D. Candidate (Harvard Law).

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