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How States Endanger Sexually Abused Children  

Author:  Rev. Anne  Grant, M.A., M.Div..

Source: Volume 04, Number 01, Summer 2011 , pp.71-74(4)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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When a child is abused within the family, the nonabusive parent may assume that state agencies will look after the best interest of the child. In many cases, they do. However, in some cases, agency case workers, guardians, and attorneys can do a great deal of damage. The author of this article, a retired minister, describes one case where state offi cials removed two sisters from the care of their non-abusive mother, put them in foster care, and eventually gave the abusive father custody of the younger child, despite allegations of sexual abuse.

Keywords: family court; parental alienation

Affiliations:  1: The Parenting Project.

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