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Domestic Violence Inventory: Introduction and Standardization in a Large Sample of Domestic Violence Offenders  

Author:  Herman  Lindeman, Ph.D..; Rahnuma  Khandaker, B.A..

Source: Volume 04, Number 01, Summer 2011 , pp.49-69(21)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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The reliability, validity, and accuracy of the Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI) were investigated in a sample of 10,676 domestic violence offenders. The six DVI scales are designed to measure offender lethality, substance abuse, controlling attitudes and behaviors, stress coping abilities, and emotional and mental health problems. The results revealed that multiple offenders scored significantly higher than fi rst offenders on all DVI scales except for the Truthfulness Scale. Alcohol Scale, Drugs Scale, Violence Scale, and Control Scale scores at or above the 70th percentile identified the majority of the offenders that admitted to alcohol problems, drug problems, violent tempers, or controlling behavior. This study is a part of the ongoing standardization of the DVI.

Keywords:  truthfulness scale; violence (lethality) scale; alcohol scale; drugs scale; control scale; stress coping abilities

Affiliations:  1: Behavior Data Systems, Ltd.; 2: Behavior Data Systems, Ltd..

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