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Implications of Brain Injury in Abused Women for Advocacy and Health Care  

Author:  Jacquelyn Campbell.; Jill Messing.; Michelle Patch.; Audrey Bergin.; Andrea Cimino.

Source: Volume 14, Number 03, Winter 2022 , pp.29-35(7)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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There is growing research showing that abused women are frequently subjected to repeated head and serious facial injuries as well as strangulation, all of which can cause brain injury with potential long-term chronic neurological symptoms. This article surveys some of the most significant findings on brain injury in abused women, and explores their implications for both immediate assessment and care of TBIs from IPV and long-term interventions. Both DV Advocacy and the health care system need to be aware of the need for complete assessment and interventions for abused women who may have experienced a TBI from abuse.

Keywords: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); TBI Assessment and Treatment in Abused Women

Affiliations:  1: Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing; 2: Arizona State University; 3: Johns Hopkins School of Nursing; 4: Lifebridge Health Care System; 5: Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

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