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Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor: Sexual Abuse Allegations  

Author:  Elizabeth Liu.; Barry Goldstein.

Source: Volume 14, Number 01, Summer 2021 , pp.15-46(32)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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A must-read for attorneys who confront what are perhaps the most troubling and riskiest of child custody cases—those involving allegations of child sexual abuse—this was originally published as a chapter in the authors’ seminal volume, “Representing the Domestic Violence Survivor: Critical Legal Issues: Effective Safety Strategies.” Here (and throughout their entire book), the writers demonstrate a deep understanding of the clinical presentation of child custody cases involving sexual abuse as well as a firm grasp of the current scholarly research that has been conducted on these topics. Elizabeth Liu and Barry Goldstein guide us through the murky waters of child sexual abuse allegations; they dispel the myths about such claims and those who make them, identify the ways in which the courts misinterpret and mishandle sexual abuse allegations, and advise legal professionals in the effective presentation of the fact patterns that typify such cases.

Keywords: Importance of Believing Children; Proving Sexual Abuse; Courts’ Responses To Sexual Abuse Allegations

Affiliations:  1: Attorney; 2: Author.

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