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SGB and Sexual Assault Trauma  

Author:  Shauna Springer.

Source: Volume 13, Number 03, Winter 2021 , pp.69-76(8)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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This article investigates the benefits of using Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) as a remedy for the trauma of sexual of sexual assault. Developed almost 100 years ago for the treatment of pain, SGB, which involves injecting an anesthetic into the cluster of nerves at the base of the brain, has been recently adapted for the treatment of trauma. Author Shauna Springer, a psychologist specializing in trauma treatment, has provided the psychological component of this therapeutic regimen while working with a qualified anesthesiologist who administers the SGB treatment. She reports an impressive rate of success: all 25 patients whom she co-treated experienced significant benefits. This is remarkable, considering the fact that traumatic experiences often leave long-lasting and even intractable after-effects. Not only that—that positive effects appear to be immediate and tend to be long lasting, effects that led some patients to comment that they felt calm for the first time in years.

Keywords: Stellate Ganglion Block; Trauma Therapy

Affiliations:  1: Stella.

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