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Cases Involving Child Protective Agencies  

Author:  Barry Goldstein, J.D..; Elizabeth Liu, J.D..

Source: Volume 12, Number 03, Winter 2020 , pp.27-46(20)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Child custody cases involving DV and/or child abuse allegations are, without a doubt, deeply troubling and difficult to handle even by attorneys and advocates with vast domestic violence experience. They also pose huge obstacles to child protective workers, who, as authors Barry Goldstein and Elizabeth Liu point out, often buy into the claims of abusers who vindictively make false child abuse reports against the mothers of their children, thus turning the system designed to protect children against the very person trying to protect them—their protective mothers. This article offers a deep well of wisdom to attorneys and advocates who help survivors navigate the sometimes-treacherous path that is posed to women who have become embroiled within the child protective services system.

Keywords: Child Protective Services; Inadequate CPS Investigations; Taking Punitive Actions Against Protective Mothers; Best Practices In Child Protective Services Cases With Possible Domestic Violence

Affiliations:  1: Attorney at Law; 2: Attorney at Law.

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