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Roots of Injustice in Family Court and New Ideas for Reform  

Author:  Wendy Murphy, J.D..; Anne Stevenson.

Source: Volume 12, Number 03, Winter 2020 , pp.7-25(19)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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In this eye-opening expose, an attorney and an investigative journalist powerfully combine their legal experience and research expertise to uncover the myriad of reasons why mothers are so often defeated in their attempts to shield their children from exposure to abuse at the hands of their fathers. The authors ably articulate the systemic features that detrimentally impact these mothers’ child custody cases—patterns such as gender bias, improper financial incentives and other corrupt behaviors on the part of many legal professionals, a lack of criminal court involvement in domestic abuse cases, and especially, the massive amounts of federal funds that have been channeled into “fatherhood programs.” These fatherhood programs, and all of the problems covered in this comprehensive piece, not only fail to serve the best interests of children but actually serve the nefarious purposes of the abusers who seek to harm and control the most vulnerable members of our society—abused mothers and children.

Keywords: Distorting Effects of Child Abuse “Industry” on Court Decisions

Affiliations:  1: New England School of Law; 2: Independent Journalist.

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