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When Organizations Inflict Trauma: 'Organizational Trauma and Healing' by Pat Vivian and Shanna Hormann  

Author:  Holly Bell (Reviewer).

Source: Volume 11, Number 03, Winter 2019 , pp.87-91(5)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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In this article, Holly Bell reviews Organizational Trauma and Healing, which focuses on the secondary traumatization of organizations and on the means for identifying and working through it. While there is an extensive literature on trauma and healing in individuals, Bell notes that little has been done on traumatization at the organizational level. Bell draws parallels between methods used in trauma counseling and those recommended by Vivian and Hormann as useful in treating organizational trauma: just as traumatized persons need a safe space to understand and work through their trauma, organizations need similar interventions to help them recognize and acknowledge the existence of secondary trauma and to regain their identity and empowerment, which may have been shaken by the impacts of secondary trauma.

Keywords: Caregiver Burnout; Strengths and Shadows Model

Affiliations:  1: University of Texas at Austin.

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