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Rape Culture and Sex Offender Policies  

Author:  Nickie D. Phillips.; Emily Horowitz.

Source: Volume 11, Number 03, Winter 2019 , pp.61-70(10)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Nickie D. Phillips and Emily Horowitz discuss two parallel trends that run through our present-day cultural perspective on rape and sexual assault in this country. The first trend revolves around the pervasiveness of a “rape culture, where rape is depicted as being tolerated or even celebrated. The second trend, congruently, proposes that current treatment of sex offenders is overly harsh, draconian, and in need of revision.

Keywords: Transforming a Rape Culture; Victim-Blaming; Carceral Feminism; Social Reaction to Sex Offenders

Affiliations:  1: St. Francis College; 2: St. Francis College.

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