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Sexual Harassment in the Gaming Verse  

Author:  Joshua Smallridge.; Logan Fletcher.; Sean Marion.

Source: Volume 10, Number 03, Winter 2018 , pp.47-54(8)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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One might expect the world of video gamers, now populated by a large contingent of females—to be filled with light-hearted exchanges and camaraderie, an expectation that might be correct on the whole. However, authors Joshua Smallridge, Logan Fletcher, and Sean Marion focus on the darker side of the gaming verse, where players, especially women, often encounter various forms of gender harassment. For this study, the authors examined reports of online harassment experienced by a sample assumed to be predominantly females and classified each instance into one of three categories: gender harassment, unwanted sexual attention, or sexual coercion. sexual coercion. One of their discoveries was that the most common form of sexual harassment was unwanted sexual attention, followed by active verbal gender harassment.

Keywords: Video Games; Online Sexual Harassment; Unwanted Sexual Attention; Verbal Gender Harassment

Affiliations:  1: Fairmont State University; 2: Fairmont State University; 3: Fairmont State University.

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