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Intimate Partner Violence and Women with Disabilities: The Public Health Crisis  

Author:  Michelle Ballan.

Source: Volume 10, Number 02, Fall 2017 , pp.65-69(5)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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If one were to make a list of the most vulnerable subgroups in our society, disabled females would surely be found at the top of the list. In fact, as pointed out in this article by Michelle Ballan, females with disabilities experience an especially high prevalence of abuse at the hands of partners, family members, caretakers, and others in a position to exploit them. Yet despite the increased attention that has been paid to disabilities in general over the past couple of decades, there remains a dearth of information about disabled females, leading to the current situation with which they are faced: limited services, a lack of appropriate interventions, and a dearth of policy initiatives for this exceedingly needy population.

Keywords: National Crime Victimization Survey; National Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Survey; long-term physical and mental health problems

Affiliations:  1: Stony Brook Medical School.

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