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False Rape Allegations and Wrongful Convictions  

Author:  Katie Hail-Jares.; BelĂ©n Lowrey-Kinberg.; Katherine Dunn.; Jon B. Gould.

Source: Volume 09, Number 04, Spring 2017 , pp.39-45(7)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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In this article, the authors analyze how frequently wrongful rape convictions occur and describe the features characterizing such cases. The characteristics they examine include defendants’ demographic variables and the relationship between the accused and alleged victim. They also consider the impact of forensic errors, police misconduct, and false confessions. The authors conclude that false rape allegations rarely lead to false convictions and are overwhelmingly dismissed from the criminal justice system.

Keywords: False Rape Allegations Incidence and Impact

Affiliations:  1: Griffith Criminology Institute; 2: American University; 3: American University; 4: American University.

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