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Providing Economic Relief for Immigrant Victims: Child Support and Spousal Support  

Author:  Veronica T. Thronson.; Leslye Orloff.; Carole Angel.; Soraya Fata Rocio Molina.; Benish Anver Kalli Wells.

Source: Volume 09, Number 03, Winter 2017 , pp.117-136(20)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Immigrant victims of domestic violence often find themselves in a dire economic situation, given that they are typically reliant upon their abuser for financial sustenance. This article describes remedies that are available to help ameliorate victims’ vulnerability to their abusers’ financial machinations. Some of these remedies are designed to assist immigrant victims who are in dire need of financial support from their abuser, but others are designed to help victims in the unfortunate position of having a child support obligation levied against them by the family court, due to a successful custody petition brought by their abusers.

Keywords: Child support; spousal support; ability to pay

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