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Pornography: The Mass Production of Sexual Violence  

Author:  Amber L.  Morczek.

Source: Volume 08, Number 02, Fall 2015 , pp.117-127(11)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Amber Morczek offers an eye-opening discussion about the stark dangers that accompany the mass availability of pornography in the internet age. Once viewed as a shameful secret, the consumption of pornography has become nearly normative, with its popularity growing wildly among men, and even among some women. Yet, as the author points out, violence against women is inextricably woven into the pornographic narrative, which emphasizes the coercion, degradation, and objectifi cation of women whose sole purpose, in the eyes of the pornographer, is to deliver sexual pleasure to men.

Keywords: contemporary pornography; Playboy magazine; integrated into popular culture; gender inequity; rape porn; violent and degrading material; domination or exploitation; verbal or physical aggression

Affiliations:  1: Washington State University Violence Prevention Programs.

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