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Understanding the Pattern of Abuse  

Author:  Barry Goldstein.; Elizabeth  Liu .

Source: Volume 08, Number 01, Summer 2015 , pp.7-38(32)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Because courts may operate under common myths and misconceptions about domestic violence (DV), they often fail to recognize that they are dealing with DV and may ignore or minimize the abuse (and the risks to adult victims of DV and children) with tragic consequences. This article, and the entire book from which it came, underscores the need to understand the patterns of abuse, dispel the myths and misconceptions surrounding DV victim behaviors and children of abusers, the importance of educationg professionals to challenge recommendations made based on such unsubstantiated beliefs and better understand the context of DV incidents.

Keywords: contested custody; coercive and intimidating behaviors; wife rape; verbal abuse; emotional punishment; financial control; isolation tactics; motivation of the parties; Parental Alienation Syndrome; false allegations; history of past parenting; sexist

Affiliations:  1: domestic violence author, speaker and advocate; 2: Domestic Violence Legal Empowerment & Appeals Project.

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