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Criminal Case Processing in Brooklyn’s Integrated Domestic Violence Court  

Author:  Richard R.  Peterson.

Source: Volume 07, Number 03, Winter 2015 , pp.215-220(6)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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New York has been a leader among the states in pioneering new, specialized court systems that either specifi cally address factors related to offending (e.g., specialty courts for cases affected by mental illness or substance abuse) or that integrate civil (e.g. family court) matters with criminal case handling (such as of domestic violence crimes). The latter, referred to as Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) courts, are the topic of this study by Richard Peterson, who examines two years’ worth of cases adjudicated by the Brooklyn, New York IDV court.

Keywords: one family-one judge model; comparing misdemeanor DV case outcomes in IDV Court to outcomes in Criminal Court (misdemeanor) specialized DV parts; court appearances; comply with orders of protection; reduce re-offending while the case is pending; conv

Affiliations:  1: New York City Criminal Justice Agency, Inc.

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