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Responsibilities of Faith-Based Groups Regarding Child Sexual Abuse  

Author:  Jaime  Romo, Ed.D.

Source: Volume 06, Number 01, Summer 2013 , pp.7-15(9)

Family & Intimate Partner Violence Quarterly

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Dr. Jaime Romo describes the historical responses typically made by faith-based groups to sexual abuse within their midst, e.g., the presence of both former perpetrators and survivors of sexual abuse among their membership. He describes prior approaches that, however well-meaning, have led to strain and discomfort among members of congregations. This article is especially relevant in the current era, when new reports of sexual abuse perpetrated in church as well as educational settings continue to emerge with horrifying regularity.

Keywords: Safe Church Policy; clergy boundary training; Pilgrim United Church of Christ Church; Commissioned Minister for Healing and Healthy Environments; identity issues; trust; compassion; hope; safe religious spaces

Affiliations:  1: consultant.

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