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Complete Issue (June 16, 2021)  Volume 54, Number 12

Author:  Tyler J. Leavengood (et al.).; Douglas K. Yatter (et al.).

Source: Volume 54, Number 12, June 15 2021 , pp.133-152(20)

Review of Securities & Commodities Regulation

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The complete issue includes both of the articles listed in the table of contents above (The Duty of Disclosure for Corporate Officers: Avoiding Liability in the Face of Growing Litigation Trend (Leavengood) and Insider Trading In Commodities Markets: An Evolving Enforcement Priority (Yatter)).

Keywords: Duty of Loyalty and Duty of Care; Duty of Disclosure; Section 141(e): Protection for Directors; Morrison v. Berry; In re Baker Hughes Inc. Merger Litigation; In re Columbia Pipeline Group, Inc. Merger Litigation; In the Matter of Motazedi; In the Mat

Affiliations:  1: Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP; 2: Latham & Watkins LLP.

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