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SEC Breakthrough Brings Déjà Vu: Lorenzo Court Reclaims Expansive Scope of Federal Securities Laws  

Author:  Ralph C. Ferrara.; Erica Taylor Jones.; Corey I. Rogoff.

Source: Volume 52, Number 13, July 15 2019 , pp.157-160(4)

Review of Securities & Commodities Regulation

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The Supreme Court’s recent Lorenzo decision appears to reflect a return to a broad reading of the federal securities laws that has been repeatedly rejected by the Court since the 1970’s, most recently in the Janus case. The authors discuss Janus and Lorenzo and suggest that if a majority of the Court continues to see the securities laws as expansive, Lorenzo may signal a renewal of New Deal-era investor protections.

Keywords: Janus v. First Derivative Traders; Lorenzo v. SEC

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