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Author:  Staff Editors.

Source: Volume 01, Number 06, November/December 2015 , pp.82-83(2)

Bullying, Teen Aggression & Social Media

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This regular column presents short reviews of a wide range of subject matter, giving readers signposts about future directions of research related to child/teen behavior in an interdisciplinary framework. Topics covered in this issue include: how autistic children may gain social skills by being invited by their peers to play; ;how oxytocin may boost social skills of children with autism spectrum disorder; how overconfident individuals are rated by others versus those who have less confidence than is warranted; and environmental adversity’s effect on those with genetic risk factors versus those with low or no risk factors.

Keywords: autism, social skills, oxytocin, self-deception, self-image, confidence, status, stress, brain, genetics

Affiliations:  1: Bullying, Teen Aggression & Social Media.

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