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Release of Special “Family Violence Issue”  

Author:  Nancy K. D.  Lemon, Esq..

Source: Volume 05, Number 03, February/March 2000 , pp.41-43(3)

Domestic Violence Report

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This article summarizes and discusses the Family Violence Issue, 50(2) Juvenile and Family Court Journal (Spring 1999), including as elements of the symposium; “Custody Disputes Involving Domestic Violence: Making Children’s Needs a Priority,” by Stephen E. Doyne, Janet M. Bowermaster, et al; “Supervised Visitation in Cases of Domestic Violence”, by Maureen Sheeran and Scott Hampton; “Child Support Enforcement and Domestic Violence,” by Anne Menard and Vicki Turestsky; “Enforcing Domestic Violence Protection Orders Throughout the Country: New Frontiers of Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence”, by Judge Susan Carbon, Judge Peter MacDonald, and Seema Zeya; “The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act: Affording Enhanced Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence and Their Children.”, by Billie Lee Dunford-Jackson; “Domestic Violence Fatality Reviews: From a Culture of Blame to a Culture of Safety”, by Neil Websdale, Judge Michael Town and Byron Johnson; and “Domestic Violence Courts: What Are They and How Should We Manage Them?,” by Judge Amy Karan, Susan Keilitz, and Sharon DeNaro

Keywords: O. J. Simpson case; Guardianship of Simpson; : “California Appellate Court Seizes on Simpson’s Custody Case to Give Domestic Violence Greater Importance,” by Joan Zorza; “The UCCJEA: Why Do We Have It and How Does It Help Battered Women in Cu

Affiliations:  1: Associate Editor of DVR.

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