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Research & Practice in Cahoots: A Guide to Research for Practitioners, Part 5  

Author:  Jill Theresa  Messing, MSW, PhD.

Source: Volume 12, Number 06, August/September 2007 , pp.85-87(3)

Domestic Violence Report

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This is the fifth of a six-part article. This section will discuss more complicated inferential statistics, also called bivariate or multivariate statistics. Bivariate statistics examine two variables at a time; statistics that examine more than two variables at a time are called multivariate statistical tests. The main portion of this article will discuss what these more complicated statistics mean, how they are used in social science research, and how to interpret them in the articles you read.

Keywords: Inferential statistics test hypotheses; common bivariate statistical tests

Affiliations:  1: Johns Hopkins University.

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