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“The Warning Signs Were There”: The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center Model, High Risk Teams, and Community Adaptation  

Author:  Elizabeth  Hague.; Emma  Freeman .; Victoria  Burt.

Source: Volume 17, Number 03, February/March 2012 , pp.35-38(4)

Domestic Violence Report

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“After Dorothy’s husband shot her, the [Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center] made a commitment not only to screen every single woman for the warning signs, but also to bring everyone together to interrupt that cycle of escalating violence ... There have been no domestic violence homicides in that community since the project began.” In 2010, Vice President Biden praised the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center (JGCC or Center) in Newburyport, MA with these words, drawing national attention to the Center’s innovative model and highly successful results. Most importantly, Vice President Biden offered the Center’s model as a way forward: “We need to replace what we have been doing and replicate this kind of success.” This article will discuss the remarkable-- and achievable--successes of the Newburyport approach to DV intervention, outlining how communities can implement their own version of Newburyport’s high-risk model and attain similarly powerful results.

Keywords: Kelly Dunne; Chief of Operations for the JGCC

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