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Russia: New Law Leads to Fewer Reported DV Cases  

Author:  D. Kelly Weisberg.

Source: Volume 24, Number 03, February/March 2019 , pp.45-45(1)

Domestic Violence Report

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Last year, the Russian Parliament (Duma) decriminalized some forms of domestic violence. In February 2017, the Duma enacted amendments that downgraded a first offense of domestic violence provided that it did not cause serious harm that resulted in hospital treatment. However, domestic violence that consisted of serious injuries (e.g., broken bones or a concussion) remained a criminal offense. Under the new law, first offenses that were minor were punishable by 15 days in jail or a fine, or compulsory community service. In addition, under the new law, some Russian women were forced to pay the fines imposed on their abusers, with unpaid fines often taken from shared bank accounts.

Keywords: Domestic Violence in Russia

Affiliations:  1: Hastings College of Law.

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