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California’s First Prison Therapeutic Community: A 10-Year Review  

Author:  Rod Mullen.; James Rowland.; Naya Arbiter.; Lew Yablonsky.; Bette Fleishman.

Source: Volume 01, Number 02, March/April 2001 , pp.17-21(5)

Offender Substance Abuse Report

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The present piece looks at the history and implications of the first 10 years of California’s initial therapeutic community drug treatment program. This program, which emerged from a collaboration between the California Dept. of Corrections and the Amity Foundation, has become a national model for successful substance abuse treatment. Historical background, implementation history, program requirements and parameters, and an analysis of program effectiveness are given in this article.

Keywords: program effectiveness; therapeutic community

Affiliations:  1: Amity Foundation; 3: Extensions, LLC; 4: California State University, Northridge; 5: Amity Foundation.

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