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Implementing a Readiness Program for Mandated Substance Abuse Treatment  

Author:  Sandra M. Dees.; Donald F. Dansereau.; D. Dwayne Simpson.

Source: Volume 02, Number 02, March/April 2002 , pp.17-23(7)

Offender Substance Abuse Report

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This article describes a series of activities that were designed and implemented, in the context of a research study, to enhance the motivation of individuals (probation violators) participating in a mandated, residential substance abuse treatment program. These activities were created for specific, but not exclusive, use in a criminal justice treatment setting and target the early stages of treatment. The series has come from the second phase of the Cognitive Enhancements for the Treatment of Probationers (CETOP) research project, a collaborative study involving criminal justice, and a Texas Christian University (TCU) research team. This article sets out the conceptual base underlying these activities, briefly describes the activities themselves, and summarizes research findings on the series.

Keywords: best practices

Affiliations:  1: Texas Christian University; 2: Texas Christian University; 3: Texas Christian University.

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