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Drug Dependence Is Omnigenus: The Disease Analogy and Criminal Justice Policy  

Author:  Douglas B.  Marlowe.; David S. DeMatteo.; David S. Festinger.; Nicholas S. Patapis.

Source: Volume 04, Number 05, September/October 2004 , pp.65-69(5)

Offender Substance Abuse Report

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Complex human conditions such as drug dependence, criminality, and chronic illness are all omnigenus because they are the products of an intricate interaction between genetics, environment, and choice. In any given instance, these conditions may be expressed as the result of an inherited predisposition, environmental trauma, repeated bad choices, or any conceivable permutation of these influences. Efforts to characterize or analogize these conditions will thus inevitably be accurate in some cases and inaccurate in others. The authors argue that we must move beyond politicized analogies to truly understand drug use and optimal policy choices.

Keywords: paradigm shift

Affiliations:  1: Treatment Research Institute; 2: Treatment Research Institute; 3: Treatment Research Institute; 4: Treatment Research Institute.

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