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Maximum-Security Prison Therapeutic Community and Aftercare: First Outcomes  

Author:  Harry K. Wexler.; William M.  Burdon.; Michael L. Prendergast.

Source: Volume 05, Number 06, November/December 2005 , pp.81-86(6)

Offender Substance Abuse Report

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The present study is the first to examine the effectiveness of a prison-based therapeutic community (TC) program housed in a maximum security prison. The study uses statistical techniques to analyze the difference in effectiveness of TC programs between offenders in high-level and low-level security facilities. Results show that increased time in therapeutic community programs lead to less recidivism and that there is not a significant difference by security level of offender facility.

Keywords: best practices; reentry

Affiliations:  1: National Development and Research Institutes; 2: University of California, Los Angeles; 3: Criminal Justice Research Group.

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