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The Correlates and Consequences of Drug Involvement Among Youths Entering a Juvenile Justice Diversion Program  

Author:  Richard Dembo.; Jennifer Wareham.; Norman Poythress.; Brittany Cook.; James  Schmeidler.

Source: Volume 06, Number 05, September/October 2006 , pp.65-69(5)

Offender Substance Abuse Report

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This paper reports the results of the initial interviews of a Tampa, Fl. based project aimed at examining the relationship between adolescent drug use of subjects in a diversion program and several key domains of psychological functioning. The interviews show a number of findings, including the notion that, contrary to popular belief, many youths placed in diversion programs experience serious developmental challenges that are associated with their drug use.

Keywords: adolescent drug use; developmental disabilities

Affiliations:  1: University of South Florida, Tampa; 2: Wayne State University; 3: University of South Florida, Tampa; 4: Alliant International University; 5: Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.

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