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Expungement of Arrest Records in Drug Court: Do Clients Know What They’re Missing  

Author:  David S.  Festinger.; David S. DeMatteo.; Douglas B. Marlowe.; Patricia A. Lee.

Source: Volume 07, Number 03, May/June 2007 , pp.33-39(7)

Offender Substance Abuse Report

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This piece highlights a study that analyzes the benefits of record expungement for drug court clients and the seeming empirical mystery of why there is such a low rate of applications for expungement for those eligible. The authors ask the question "do clients know what they're missing?" This article looks at the study's research design, results, and limitations, and suggests that greater access to information about expungement could lead to a higher rate of utilization of the practice.

Keywords: criminal records

Affiliations:  1: University of Pennsylvania; 2: Drexel University; 3: University of Pennsylvania; 4: University of Pennsylvania.

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