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I Am My Brother’s Keeper: Affirmations and Corrective Reminders as Predictors of Reincarceration Following Graduation From a Corrections-Based Therapeutic Community  

Author:  Keith Warren.; Carole Harvey.; George De Leon.; Thomas Gregoire.

Source: Volume 07, Number 03, May/June 2007 , pp.33-38(6)

Offender Substance Abuse Report

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The present study is the first quantitative exploration of four specific mutual aid behaviors that are considered key treatment activities in therapeutic community (TC) settings: "pushups" given, "pushups" received, "pullups" given and "pullups" received. The research addresses two questions concerning these behaviors, based upon TC theory and clinical practice: 1) Does engagement in any of these behaviors while at a TC relate to later reincarceration? 2) Does engagement in all four behaviors relate to reincarceration in an equivalent manner?

Keywords: best practices; therapeutic communities

Affiliations:  1: Ohio State University College of Social Work; 2: Ohio State University College of Social Work; 3: National Development and Research Institutes; 4: Ohio State University College of Social Work.

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