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Prison Release in Kentucky: A Convict Perspective on Policy Recommendations  

Author:  James  Austin.; Stephen C.  Richards.; Richard S.  Jones.

Source: Volume 07, Number 01, May/June 2003 , pp.1-5(5)

Offender Programs Report

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Like many other states, Kentucky is currently facing a severe budget crisis and is seeking ways to lower its prison costs. To better understand the number and types of persons being released from prison to parole, the authors recently requested and received from the Kentucky Department of Corrections a data file that contained information on all prisoners. They also interviewed prisoners, parolees, and prison and parole staff. The analysis of these records and interviews found no difference in recidivism based on a prisoner’s length of stay. Put differently, no crime reduction gains are achieved by either extending or reducing the period of a prisoner’s imprisonment. As of January 2003, this study has contributed to the immediate release of nearly 900 prisoners in Kentucky.

Keywords: recidivism

Affiliations:  1: George Washington University; 2: Northern Kentucky University; 3: Marquette University.

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