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Socratic Pedagogy, Critical Thinking, and Offender Programming  

Author:  Peter  Boghossian.

Source: Volume 13, Number 05, January/February 2010 , pp.65-74(10)

Offender Programs Report

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A growing body of educational, philosophical, and even popular literature has emerged that explains the Socratic method and its epistemological and educational ambitions. Unfortunately, there is almost no literature on the use and analysis of the Socratic method in the context of correctional education. This absence is significant, because educational interventions either designed around the Socratic Method or that use the Socratic Method as an adjunct pedagogy may have the potential to be more effective and less expensive than the two foremost cognitive treatments in improving critical thinking and moral reasoning. The author explains the Socratic method and its potential to optimize correctional education.

Keywords: Socratic Method

Affiliations:  1: Portland State University.

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