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StaySafe: A Tablet Computer App for Helping Probationers Make Better Decisions Regarding Health Risk Behaviors  

Author:  Wayne E.K.  Lehman.; Jennifer  Pankow.; Thomas  Blue.; Grace  Rowan.

Source: Volume 19, Number 06, March/April 2016 , pp.81-87(7)

Offender Programs Report

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StaySafe is a multi-session, self-administered tablet-based app designed to help probationers make better decisions around health risk behaviors, especially those involving HIV. It was developed as a follow-up to a successful group-based curriculum for incarcerated substance abuse offenders in the last phase of their substance abuse treatment before transitioning to the community. This article describes the background and need for HIV programming for probationers, the adaptations developed in moving from group-based treatment to an individual, self-administered app better suited for probation settings, the StaySafe content, and the preliminary evidence of feasibility and acceptability of a tablet-based app.

Keywords: Hepatitis C; risk reduction during reentry phase; care and supervision to offenders at risk; behavior change programs; WaySafe curriculum; WORKIT schema

Affiliations:  1: Texas Christian University; 2: Texas Christian University; 3: Texas Christian University; 4: Texas Christian University.

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