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Author:  Daniel  Butler, M.A..

Source: Volume 16, Number 02, Winter 2015 , pp.35-38(4)

Campus Safety & Student Development

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Our regular review of the research literature looks at studies suggesting that the after-effects of rape may be more severe than other non-lethal crimes; that contrary to many idealized popular depictions of the contemporary college climate, campuses can be racialized environments hostile to minority students; and a series of studies that reinforce the idea, expressed elsewhere in this issue of CSSD, that in loco parentis is indeed alive and well on the American college campus. Reviewed here are: “An Exploration of Sexual Victimization and Academic Performance Among College Women” by Jordan, C.E., Combs, J.L., & Smith, in Trauma, Violence, & Abuse 15: 191-200, 2014; “Dangerous Climates: Factors Associated With Variation in Racist Hate Crimes on College Campuses” by Van Dyke, N., & Tester, G. in Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 30: 290-309, 2014; “Campus Rape Crisis” by Goldberg, M. in The Nation 298: 12-16, 2014; “How Do Biracial Students Interact With Others on the College Campus?” by Ingram, P., Chaudhary, A.K., & Jones, W.T. in College Student Journal 48: 297-311, 2014; “Virtual Travel in Second Life: Understanding Eighteenth-Century Travelogues Through Experiential Learning” by Zold, E. in Pedagogy 14: 225-250, 2014; “Getting Out: Best Practices for EffectiveSchool Evacuation” by Payton-Jones, K. in American School & University 85: 11, 2014; “The Sociology of College Students’ Identity Formation” by Kaufman, P. in New Directions for Higher Education 166: 35-42, 2014; and “Authenticity and Career Decision-Making Self-Efficacy in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Students” by Russon, J.M., & Schmidt, C.K. in Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Service 26: 207-221, 2014.

Keywords: Unexamined Academic Consequences of Sexual Assault; Academic Environments and Hate Crimes; Critiquing Campus Adjudication Procedures; Creating a Welcoming Campus; Combating Resistance and Engaging Students; Communicating With Students and Dealing Wit

Affiliations:  1: Georgia Gwinnett College.

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