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Worth Reading CHC1501  

Author:  Ken Koz.

Source: Volume 15, Number 01, November/December 2013 , pp.5-7(3)

Correctional Health Care Report

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Summarizes findings and conclusions from “Measuring Treatment Motivation in Secure Juvenile Facilities” By G. Van der Helm, I. Wissink, T. De Jongh, and G. Stams; “Condoms for Inmates May Soon Become Reality in California Prisons” Corrections Professional; “Inmates at Risk of STIs Even After Release From Prison” Corrections Professional; “Offenders More Likely to Contract STIs After Release” AIDS Policy & Law; “South Carolina Becomes Final State to End Segregation of Prisoners With HIV” Press Release from the ACLU; “S.C. to End Segregation of HIV-Positive Prisoners” By Paul Bowers

Keywords: Adolescent Treatment Motivation Questionnaire (ATMQ); aggression; sexually transmitted diseases; STDs; HIV; sexual contact; rape; armbands

Affiliations:  1: Supreme Court of Ohio Law Library.

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